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NEW! 2035 General Plan Policy Document - December 2016

Part Title
Cover/TOC Cover and Table of Contents
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 San Joaquin County Overview
Part 3.1 Community Development Element
Part 3.2 Public Facilities and Services Element
Part 3.3 Public Health and Safety Element
Part 3.4 Natural and Cultural Resources Element
Part 4 Administration and Implementation
Appendix A Sustainability Policies and Programs
Glossary Glossary

NEW! 2035 General Plan Background Report - December 2016

Chapter Title
Cover/TOC Cover/Table of Contents
Chpt 1 Introduction
Chpt 2 Planning Area and Community Area Profiles
Chpt 3 Demographics, Economics, and Fiscal Conditions
Chpt 4 Land Use
Chpt 5 Climate Change
Chpt 6 Agriculture
Chpt 7 Housing
Chpt 8 Transportation and Circulation
Chpt 9 Public Services and Utilities
Chpt 10 Natural Resources
Chpt 11 The Delta
Chpt 12 Scenic Resources
Chpt 13 Recreation and Cultural Resources
Chpt 14 Pt A Safety Part A
Chpt 14 Pt B Safety Part B
Chpt 14 Pt C Safety Part C
Chpt 15 Noise
Glossary Glossary
Bibliography Bibliography
Appendices Appendices 4A, 5A, 5B, 11A, 13A, 14A, and 15A